Acuityware Database/SQL

Server (ADBS)

Ease access to your SQL database from your MultiValue applications!

Now you don’t have to be limited to your multivalue database! 


You can now just request your MS SQL data from your existing MV applications without complicated setup or configurations.


With ADBS, you can integrate your MultiValue applications and data with MS SQL databases to retrieve, insert, update and delete SQL data right from your existing MV apps. 


Take your MV applications into the 21st century with easy access to one of the world's most popular databases.  Having the ability to access both is just the best solution you can have.  Easily integrate third party SQL applications and web solution with your current MV database today!



Raising the Bar

Why use ADBS

ADBS gives you the ability to access your MS SQL database right from your MultiValue applications.  It will allow the programs to retrieve, insert, update and delete SQL data right from your existing MV apps. 

Save Time and Money

Reduce expenses by eliminating support and the need to load software on user PCs

Bring your MV ApplicationS into the 21st century!

Integrating MS SQL databases with your existing MV Databases seamlessly will extend your companies capability for data requirements.

Management Simplified!

Quickly and easily setup the server to access your MS SQL databases and start accessing the data!

Productivity Enhanced

Data access is integrated easily into your existing applications programs using simple subroutine calls to minimize maintenance and increase ease of modifications.

Key Features

  • Utilize your existing routines and stored procedures in MS SQL - no conversions necessary.

  • Insert data with returned auto ID's from SQL

  • Delete records

  • Update existing data

  • Request a report to be returned right back into your application. 


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